How do people get catfished?

Please. Someone. Tell me how someone gets freaking catfished in the first place? How can you fall in love with someone you have never seen or even met? I have been in my relationship for a long time and I am still finding out stuff about my man! And, I live with him! Everyday people are falling in love with a picture. What happened to the days when people had to actually call their significant others over the phone and have a face to face date! My advice to yall is, instead of liking your significant others status, get to know them. Instead of IMing them, call them up. Avoid all of the hurt, lies and confusion and meet someone in person. The whole experience of being human is having interactions, why would you want to cut that out? I think social media has put a big hole in basic social skills. Tell me what you think.

stay sasse <3

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